What is Backyard Bible Club?

Backyard Bible Club  is a Northlake Church Children's Ministry initiative to bring kids together and engaged in continued growth this summer.  Backyard Bible Club invites kids from our community to come and have fun while they hear about God and His great love for them. On July 12-15th, kids entering Grades K-5 will be hosted in the yards of Northlake families around the North Shore (host homes) and will be led by a team of Northlake Students (Grades 6-12) in games and a Bible lesson from 5-6:30 pm  

Become Part of the Team.

Register to Attend
Do you have a Kindergarten through 5th grader that would love to be involved? Tell us what area of the north shore you live-in and we will connect you with your neighborhood host home!
Become a Camp Leader
Are you a 6th through 12th grader interested in leading and supporting younger youth this summer? You will gain knowledge, experience in leadership, and have loads of fun!
Become a Host Home
Are you a Northlake attendee who has a backyard that can be available to host a group of neighborhood kids and camp leaders from 5 - 6:30PM the week of July 12-15? All host home adults will need to complete a background check. 
Become a Camp Driver
Do you have a car that holds 4 or more and a clean driving record? Would you be willing to help shuttle our camp youth leaders from leader training at the Northlake Campus to their host home location and back during the week of July 12-15th?