21 Days of Prayer

Northlake Church Family,

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus walked on this earth and created a movement that would be felt throughout all eternity. Jesus wasn’t just a prolific teacher, religious leader, or a good moral person. He was God in the flesh, the Son of God, the coming Messiah, the Savior of the world. He was on a mission to redeem the lost and build the Kingdom of God, which makes His call to follow Him even more staggering.

Jesus called unto Himself disciples who would participate in God’s redemptive mission on this earth. The marks of a disciple of Jesus are very clear and simple. A disciple of Jesus is one who has decided to follow Jesus, is being changed by Jesus and is on mission with Jesus. Yep, that simple! Jesus never complicated the requirements to be His disciple. Though the call is simple, it doesn’t mean that it is without hardship, trials and a cost. When rubber meets the road, many will decide that the call to follow Jesus may be too difficult, therefore they become complacent, settling into a mediocre life that never truly makes an impact for eternity. They drift away from living a life of significance, on mission with Jesus, to a life of apathy resulting in a life lived in vain.

Northlake Church loves Jesus and brings gospel hope to every man, woman and child on the North Shore. This prevailing statement is what I pray will define Northlake. It is biblical, bold and requires us to have a strong belief that God can do all things. Here at Northlake we have no desire to play church, we want to be the church - the people of God who love where we live and are on a kingdom mission in our community.

I pray bold prayers over our church. May God stir something new in your walk with Christ so that your confession might be like that of C.T. Studd, “I pray that when I die all of Hell will rejoice that I am out of the fight.” With a perspective like that, we can leave a Christ-honoring legacy that will last for eternity.
As we begin this new year we will spend time as a church family discovering who we are, what God is calling us to do for Him and what it will require from us. I am petitioning to each of us, that over the next 21 days we pursue Jesus like never before. Will you consider dropping your bucket into the well of Christ for the next 21 days with the expectation that He can do more than we could ever ask or imagine?
To help you, we have provided this three-week devotional. Throughout this devotional, we will look at the life of Jesus, His early disciples and how their example interacts with our life right here on the North Shore. Be diligent with this devotional. You will get out of it what you put into it. The guarantee is that being disciplined and committed to the process will grow you in your walk with Christ. When we have desire to be transformed and we couple that with discipline, God will work mightily. In the words of AW Tozer, “Desire without discipline will always breed disappointment.”

Make the decision today to prioritize an unhurried, uninterrupted time with Jesus the next 21 days. Take it all in! Let God do a great work in your life and through your life. Northlake, God has a great adventure in store for all those who are willing to walk in risky obedience. Let’s together take that walk!

With Much Love,
Pastor Denny

Click here for the 21 Days of Prayer Guide PDF