Northlake Cares Counseling Center

We all face trials, but we don’t have to go through them alone.

God has called us to serve our neighbors who are suffering or hurting. If you’re having trouble navigating life’s challenges, Northlake wants to come alongside you and help you experience the relief and comfort offered in Jesus Christ. Northlake Cares Counseling Center serves children, teens and adults.

Northlake Church has the vision to offer professional counseling along with excellent pastoral care to help those in need, to help find an anchor to weather the storms of life.  Life's burdens can be so heavy to carry at times, and we find ourselves needing support and guidance.  As a ministry of Northlake Church, we want to come alongside you in your time of need and embrace the power of community on the road of healing.

Northlake Cares Counseling Center Team:

Tamara Snyder

Licensed Professional Counselor
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